What is Globbuster?


GLOBBUSTER was created as a promotion panel for companies from the Pomeranian region, which want to use modern tools for they daily business interactions and make everyday commercial activities easier.


GLOBBUSTER is a place, where you can present your offer to Polish and foreign companies and establish contact with them in form of teleconferences and online presentations.



Why you should use GLOBBUSTER?


Free promotion of your company’s products and services – just create your company profile and present information about your products and services. You can also present your offer to other GLOBBUSTER users via internal mail.




Registration to GLOBBUSTER


The registration to GLOBBUSTER is very simple. Just fill in the form, which will appear after clicking in the right upper button Register. At each time the first person that created the company’s profile can update it. Multiple persons can be assign to one company.


Companies, which want to present their offer to foreign partners are recommended to fill their company’s profile in English. Company profile appears only in one language. Due to the fact that English is a dominating business language we endorse information placed in English.


Welcome to GLOBBUSTER!

The website was created as part of the project which main goal was to increase the international cooperation between companies from the Pomeranian region and other countries. The project is run by Gdansk Economic Development Agency Ltd. and Pomeranian Special Economic Zone Ltd, which offer investment support for regional, Polish and foreign companies interested in expanding business cooperation in the Pomeranian region.

  • EFRR
  • Gryf
  • European Union

The project is co-financed by the European Union under the European Regional Development Fund.


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